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CALM Living Studio Welcomes You

CALM Living Studio is a mindfulness center for profound personal transformation. It exists as a self-discovery destination — a space to tap into your intention and get out of your way. 

Here, you’ll discover the power of creating awareness and living mindfully. You’ll find the mindful moment in pause—that sacred place between breaths—where paradigm-shifting choices are made.

CALM Living Studio offers life coaching services to help when life crashes into you like ocean waves.

New Online Offering: Life Coaching

Are you feeling anxious and confused while navigating the changes crashing into your life? Life mentoring provides professional guidance during your most intense transitions, such as:

  • Making a career change
  • Rebuilding your finances
  • Detangling a romantic connection
  • Achieving your life’s goals

Discover the Power of Life Coaching

A CALM Living Studio Promise:
You’re Safety and Success Come First

Come exactly as you are—physically, mentally, spiritually—and be met with deep, nourishing support. Each CALM Living Studio offering is created with the sincerest intention of making you feel secure.

Yoga Classes

Yoga teacher training offering from CALM Living Studio.

Join the Rest and Renew asana yoga class. You don’t need any yoga experience — all you need is the intention to drop in and let go.

Yoga Teacher Training

CALM Living Studio offers asana flow yoga classes.

Yoga Teacher Training is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and application of yoga. To show up and do your best is the only requirement.

A Year to Change Your Life

CALM Living Studio helps you change and improve your life.

A 12-month breakthrough program that moves you past stuck feelings. Now is the time to make meaningful change happen and live the life you’ve always wanted.

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