5 Common Yoga Teacher Training Fears—Solved!

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5 Common Yoga Teacher Training Fears—Solved!

Yoga teacher training — you know in your heart it will deepen your spiritual practice and overall experience on this earth. But, you still wrestle with questions and fears while considering the commitment.

Like, what if you don’t want to be a yoga teacher after you graduate? Is the training pointless? (Absolutely not. See fear #2 for more info on yoga teacher training being perfect for anyone looking to live a more skillful life regardless of yoga teaching aspirations.)

Read through the 5 common yoga teacher training fears and identify the ones holding you back. Hopefully, you’ll realize how natural it is to have doubts before taking a huge step that will forever change your life.

1. You don’t have enough time.

Kantra CALM School of Yoga training was specifically created to fit your busy lifestyle:

  • You meet only one weekend a month for 8 months.
  • Coursework is assigned in digestible bites that allow you time and space for your other commitments.
  • Your success is paramount. You’ll be surrounded by carefully chosen, like-minded seekers who will faithfully support you every step of the way.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, like you can’t escape the time-pressure crunch, this is your chance to reclaim hours, days, even years, that are rightfully yours.

An old Buddhist proverb says, “Sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then sit for an hour.”

Translation: You’re the keeper of your time. You’ll find time, and if necessary, you’ll make time for that which is important to you

If you feel like you don’t have 20 minutes a day to sit, then yoga teacher training is exactly what you need. Through yoga, you’ll discover how to simplify your life and shift old habits that are stealing your precious time.

But, how do you find or make time when you feel you truly have none to spare? The most effective way to do today what you intend to put off until tomorrow is to do it now.  

Think you don’t have time for yoga teacher training? That’s a sure sign you need it now.

“You think you don’t have enough time for an 8-month commitment to do the 200hr training. But as soon as you graduate, you find yourself signing up for 300hrs! Once I made the commitment, I made the time.”

Amy Duffy (48) RYT-200 + 300hr Graduate

2. You don’t want to teach yoga.

Perfect. You don’t have to. Yoga teacher training is still the right path for you if you’re looking to:

  • Release yourself from the grip of situations, events and stories that are running you ragged.
  • Disrupt your Groundhog’s Day existence to live each moment with renewed health, energy and curiosity.
  • Move forward in the world with true confidence and clarity of direction.
  • Live a meaningful, purpose-driven life marked by kindness, compassion and intention.
  • Build a strong body, mind and yoga practice.

Kantra CALM School of Yoga focuses on how to joyfully and easefully do this thing called life.

If you’re ready to feel the splash of cold water on your face that washes away frustration and makes you feel alive again, yoga teacher training is the reset you’ve been looking for.

“Kantra CALM School of Yoga offered the most incredible training experience. I had no idea how big the word YOGA is. My life has been transformed forever. No words can describe how amazing my experience was.

John Milham (44), RYT-500

3. You’re worried about the cost.

Yoga teacher training is a big investment, so finding the right instructors is crucial to your overall exerpience.

You’ll be spending 200hrs with your training leaders. And in that time, you’ll experience a wide range of emotions that require just the right guidance and expertise to keep you moving forward.

With Kantra CALM School of Yoga:

You’re getting 2 psychotherapists as your lead teachers.

David and Augusta Kantra are licensed therapists with over 50 years of combined clinical experience. Creating new habits, living from the heart and igniting transformation — these are dynamics in which they are deeply schooled and highly skilled. And while the program is not “therapy,” it is firmly rooted in the teachings of psychology, neuroscience and yogic philosophy.

You’re learning from instructors who’ve studied under world-renowned mindfulness teachers.

Both Dr. David and Augusta Kantra have completed their E-RTY-500 certifications and continue to study directly under distinguished mindfulness leaders like Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and Philip Moffit. The Kantras are incredibly grateful to be able to pass the torch of knowledge on to their own students.

Your lead teachers will be there to support you every single time you meet.

The Kantras attend every training, for the duration of the weekend. This isn’t the norm for most yoga programs; often, instructors pass on trainings to their assistants. But, your teachers commit to physically being there with you should you need them at any point.

“Initially, I was worried about the price… I wasn’t sure what I was getting for my investment. Fast forward: I’ve now completed 3 trainings with them since 2013, (twice the 200hr and the advanced 500 hr). I am a firm believer in the transformative powers of this practice, particularly having Augusta and David Kantra as my teachers. I have never felt so fulfilled and capable of doing anything in my life and that is a direct result of what I’ve learned from the Kantras and their superb, hands on, and caring approach of skillful teachings.”

Angel Curtin (53), E-RYT-500 + YACEP

4. You’re afraid it’ll be too hard.

Yoga trainings are a mixed scene. Some people have practiced yoga for years. Others are new to it…

Yet, almost by magic, no one is bored, no one is left behind. Everyone excels.

But, it’s not magic. It’s intention:

  • Students are carefully chosen.
  • Coursework is deliberately curated.
  • You’ll be met wherever you are — physically, mentally and spiritually.

Kantra CALM School of Yoga was created with the deepest intention to make every single training safe and successful for its students.

You’ll never be expected to power yoga your way through the training. And, you’ll never be asked to do anything that doesn’t serve your personal growth.

“200hr yoga teacher training scared the sh*t out of me, but that’s a large part of why I did it. I was interested in yoga, but I wasn’t a yogi by any stretch of the imagination. Thankfully, David and Augusta, along with Stacy, create an atmosphere to set you up for success and growth.”

Julie Wirtes (45), RYT 200 + 300hr Graduate

5. You’re not sure — you’re just… scared.

You don’t know what to expect…

How are you supposed to emotionally open up around strangers? Will you be able to stick with it until the end? What if you can’t do the daily practice?

There are a bajillion excuses your mind will use to get in the way of making a decision.

But, what if the only thing standing between you and a deeper spiritual relationship with yourself, your yoga and your life was 8 weekends?

And, what if the only thing keeping you from living the life you’ve always wanted was your commitment to being vulnerable, compassionate and open?

Would you take the chance?

If you feel called to say yes, feel into that energy – that electricity — and move forward. This is your moment. Your chance to finally make those changes you’ve been aching for, for so long.

“Fears are dispelled during the first night of teacher training, actually, in the first few hours. Augusta and David facilitate a space so you connect with each other very quickly. Almost like magic, you immediately fall in love with the strangers sitting next to you.”

Donna Fucich (54), RYT-500


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