A Blessing from My Heart to Yours

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From my heart to yours…

May the waters of your soul be still enough to reflect back your truest self.
May you dive deeply into those still waters and hear the echoes of your own heart.
May you know your truth, release any traces of false self, and stand unashamed and unafraid before every moment of your miraculous life.
May you allow your life to flow freely into your being, offering no resistance. And, with just as little effort, let it pass through you.
May the ripples of your work touch and affect all the beings with whom you travel this unfathomable journey.
May your heart-light shine through your words, your thoughts, and your actions
May you make the world a safer place by being a safe place for yourself.
May you embody Love in every cell of your body and let it flow from your heart, nourishing you until you have no choice but to let it overflow and heal the world.
May you pause when you feel angry, hurt, defensive, or “little.” May you compassionately step back and regain your center, – knowing that safety lies in truth, and truth exists only in the present moment.
May you embrace each moment and accept it as it is. May peace reside with
you always, and may love wash over you all the days of your life.
May you always remember that we belong to one another.
I wish you peace.
I wish you love.
I wish you joy and laughter.


Augusta Kantra

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