You Can’t Fall to the Top

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

“The man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”  ~Anonymous

We often see people that are doing the things we wish we were doing, or have things we wish we had, or behave in ways we wish we behaved.  What we don’t see is the journey that got them there.  We have a “short-circuit” kind of thinking that makes us forget that every path has its difficulties and that other people are not where they are by magic or just good fortune — they didn’t fall there!

Last weekend, Auburn’s commencement address was given by Chris Moody the Vice President of Twitter Data Strategy. His advice to the graduates was simple and profound… work hard and be kind. THAT’S how you get to the top of the mountain!

Regardless of where we are on our life journey, it IS where we are. No need to judge it “good” or “bad,” it just is.  We can start from where we are or we can stay where we are, but we can’t start from somewhere we aren’t!  Other people have their paths and we have ours. We can do the best we can every day and truly be present every step of the way.  That’s living life.  “Wishing” takes us out of the present and delivers us squarely into dissatisfaction. “Right action” (acting in congruence with our highest self) keeps us in the moment and offers us the opportunity for awareness and growth.

Wishing you an awesome climb and a beautiful view from the top.




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