Confidence Follows Courage

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

“Confidence follows courage – not the other way around!” ~Augusta Kantra

We see people do things that amaze us. We think, “I could never do that.” But why couldn’t we? Maybe an even more important question to answer would be, “Why can they?”

What allows some people to just DO certain things?….

In a word….confidence!

Self-doubt holds us back.

We think we need to be an expert to offer our gifts.

We don’t see what we have as valuable enough, or valid enough. And yet…we are the only ones that can give the gift we are uniquely here to give.

This world needs our gifts.

The world needs our light.

When we take on challenges in life, we inevitably have to deal with issues of self-doubt or lack of confidence and that can be scary. But scary doesn’t mean ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’

When was the last time you did something scary?

…is it possible you are playing too safe?

How we handle a lack of confidence becomes a critical part of our journey. Most of us want to wait to take action until we feel confident. But there’s a problem with that… we don’t feel confident until AFTER we take the action. Confidence comes as a RESULT of honestly “showing up” in our lives.

Courageously showing up allows us to confidently burn brightly!!

Initially, taking action requires courage, not confidence. Courage is when you act even while being scared or anxious. It doesn’t require courage to do what it is we are already sure we can do. It’s stepping out of comfort zone that takes courage – and creates growth!

Confidence FOLLOWS courage.

If you’re waiting until you feel confident enough to take action, don’t be surprised if the roadblocks appear insurmountable.

Don’t be afraid of fear. It’s just the road sign that says, “Growth starts here!”

Wishing you the courage to find your confidence,



Augusta Kantra

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