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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

You cannot dig a well by digging lots of shallow holes.

When we look at our lives and wish for a deeper sense of aliveness, more purpose or passion, stronger connection to source, or a more joyful heart, do we also look at what we are doing in our day to day lives to manifest such things? Probably not. If we want to drink the cool waters we must dig the well deep. We must find a practice that resonates with our hearts and then commit to it with courage — whether that practice is a body discipline, meditation, prayer, or some other practice.

Trying something for a little while, then dabbling in something else, then moving on from that, too, when we become bored or discouraged will not allow the benefits of one practice to build as we switch to another. We have to come face to face with our boredom, our fears, our old patterns – we have to come face to face with ourselves. We have to dig deep!

Sometimes, we don’t know what practices will truly resonate with us. Perhaps we haven’t yet found where to dig, so that is the work we must do first. Take the time and effort and let our intuition or trusted teacher guide us toward a path that speaks to our soul. It is in stillness that we hear the voice of the soul, so listen carefully and cultivate stillness.

On the other hand, we often know what works for us – what centers us and makes us live more wholeheartedly – but we stray from that for one reason or another. We make excuses rather than allow ourselves to honestly face our own feelings. Because it’s scary to commit to something fully, we often back out saying, “I just don’t have time right now.” Really? You don’t have time to invest in your life? Hmmmm… how’s that working for you?

 This sounds like a “hard line” to take, but actually, it’s just combining commitment and courage – and a little pep talk. Diligence of effort, strength of heart, and an unwavering belief in life itself – that’s digging deep.

Do what works and do it deeply (commitment). Stick to it when doubt inevitably rears its head (courage). And practice all of this with a kind heart (compassion).

Wishing you a cool drink of water from the deep well of your practice,



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