If You Look Up

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

Busy Girl’s Satori

Across the yard, below
the cliffs, and just beneath the evening’s
drift toward darkening, above
the river, through the trees,
there is, if you are lucky,
a slender moment charmed
by chance when, if you look up,
the great blue heron
will angle past on slanting wing
and make you question
by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

“If you’re lucky…
… If you look up.”

It comes down to that, doesn’t it? We are fortunate to live this human life. We are lucky. We forget that. We forget to look up. We get focused on what’s next, what we have to do, what needs to be checked off the list. We mire in the head-down, determined energy of “before I pause, I must hurry and do all the tasks that keep me from pausing.”

Did you see the moon last night? Will you tonight? How about the cardinal feeding her babies? Did you watch the mockingbird balance on the top of the signpost? Did you experience a “slender moment charmed by chance”?

Okay, either way – there’s no right or wrong. You are here now. You are alive. You are lucky. And, at any moment you remember to do so, you can look up.

May the sight of the every bird in flight, every sunset, every moon rise, offer you the reminder to drop all the “have to’s” just long enough to unleash the smile that longs to spread across your face.

Wishing you moments “charmed by chance,”


Augusta Kantra

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