“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
-Jack Kornfield

CALM Yoga Workshops

CALM is our acronym for Creating Awareness, Living Mindfully. And CALM Yoga Workshops are an opportunity for you to get together with like-minded people to share a fun, easy, calming experience that requires no previous yoga training or expertise.

CALM will give you the tools you seek to achieve your goals:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase well-being.
  • Heighten focus and creativity.
  • Become more optimistic and resilient.
  • Build more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
  • Be more in tune with life.

It’s our goal to provide both the space and the circumstances for you to slow down and be more mindful. We’ll combine mindful movement with wonderful music, an introduction to what CALM Yoga and mindfulness is all about and an opportunity to quiet the mind and relax the body — all in a lighthearted atmosphere. It will be a chance to get out and do something together that isn’t the usual fare. 

What Will You Learn in a CALM Yoga Workshop?

A CALM yoga workshop is an immersion into the practice of mindfulness. CALM imparts practical, proven tools and skills that can you can easily learn and apply to your life. You’ll find meaning and fulfillment in work and life, and experience profound peace, compassion and happiness while doing so. 

Topics You'll Explore:

  • What is Mindfulness and Why it is Important
  • How to Still the Overactive Mind
  • How Mindfulness Rewires the Brain
  • How to Recognize and Overcome the Threats to Mindful Living
  • How to Let Go and Let Be
  • The Art of Mindful Change
  • How to Move from your “Default Future” to your “Ideal Future”
  • How to Discover and Use Your Natural Strengths
  • The Freedom of Living Authentically
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