Light Dissolves Darkness

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

 Love dissolves negativity, much as light dissolves darkness.

~Wayne Dyer

Imagine carrying a lantern into a dark cave where a child is lost and scared. The child instinctively runs toward the light and clings to one bearing the light. Our souls are very much the same when it comes to instinctively running toward the expansive and healing light of love.

Although we are naturally and instinctively drawn to it, we often over-power this pull with the stories of our egos – our fears, our defenses, our hardened hearts. We learn to think of our longing for that deep, open-hearted love as silly, childish, short-sighted, or simply unattainable.

We forget (or negate) our heart’s desire to know and be held in the light of love. Yet, what is most true is that we deeply want this expansive love and that the absence of it creates the painful feeling of emptiness and darkness.

So how do we get out of the darkness? Bring a light! When you’re in the dark, do you reach for the light within you or do you get mad at someone else for turning off the lights or casting you into the darkness? Do you risk being a loving light when you catch yourself in an old pattern of resentment or do you dig your heels in by blaming and closing down because you feel unsafe and vulnerable?

We want love but are afraid to BE it. We want acceptance, but withhold it because we are afraid of losing power. Our old stories and our defenses, instead of protecting us, actually cause us more isolation, more pain, and more suffering than they allow our hearts to open and touching that loving light inside of ourselves.

We think we must struggle with darkness, when, in truth, we only need to bring some light. A Course in Miracles says it this way, “I can choose peace, rather than this.” Will you? It’s scary to pause, relax your defenses and choose to come from a loving place; but it’s a sure path to more pain and suffering to not.

To be the light or to allow the light in – either way, the darkness dissolves.

Wishing you the choice that leads you from darkness to love,



Augusta Kantra

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