Lost and Found

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

Being lost isn’t so scary if you know you can find your way out. ~Augusta Kantra

Several years ago, some friends and I were kayaking on the delta. We had been out for a couple of hours and were headed home – or so we thought. When we passed a spot where a plastic bag was caught in the marsh, we recognized it as the same spot we had passed half an hour before. We laughed at our amazing navigational skills and continued to hunt for the “way out.”

This laughter was not the brazen “I laugh at danger!” kind of laugh but was the laugh that is saved for complete novices that can see the green roofs of the place they’re supposed to end up but just keep getting turned around by going down dead-end trails on the marshy delta.

With a bit more attention and concentration, we knew we could find our way out.

Meditation has taught me this same lesson as it pertains to getting lost in my old stories and patterns…with dedicated attention and concentration I can see that each old story is just a dead end trail on a marshy delta. If I keep my eyes open and intentionally head toward the clarity of truth and present moment awareness, I CAN find my way out.

So I may, and most probably will, go down lots of dead ends and get lost in patterns and stories again and again, but with getting still, letting the muck settle, and creating enough space to see the humor in my stuck-ness (my human-ness), I will be able to make skillful choices that will guide me safely back home.

Knowing that I have the tools to find my way, to make conscious choices versus being stuck in maladaptive patterns, allows me to be unafraid to travel the journey through the marshes of my mind.

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