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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

Nature is our greatest teacher. ~ Edna Walling

 A hurricane has fierce winds and produces massive amounts of rain.  The warm temperatures of the Gulf water feed it and increase its tight circulation around the eye. Meteorologists often say “the storm is organizing” when they speak of a hurricane strengthening.

When cooler, drier air is introduced into the circulation of the storm, the intensity of the storm lessens. It can’t “hold together” as well, and loses its mechanism for feeding itself and growing stronger. If enough cool air is pulled into the center of the hurricane, the storm system breaks up, the damage-that-might-have-been is lessened, and the clean-up is minimal.

Our emotional storms are often like that. We get so wrapped up and wound around our fear, anger, sadness or righteousness. Our temperatures rise, our heels dig in, our fists get tight. We are so caught in our stories or emotions that the storm strengthens, intensifies, and gets more and more dangerous.

If we can pause, just step back even for one second, we introduce the first bit of cool, dry air. If we can continue to give it some space, not be reactive, not believe everything we think, and lighten up, we weaken the storm. And if the storm breaks up, the damage-that-might-have-been is lessened, and the clean-up is minimal.

Wishing you minimal clean-up and maximum cool, dry air,



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