Rebirth of the World

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The Rebirth Of the World

A great blue heron
flies across the red
face of the rising sun,
it’s crook-necked, lanky
body unmistakable.
Nature has a way of
welcoming each new
way with singular grace;
no two mornings are
the same.  And I am not
a mere spectator here –
I am moved and changed,
struck dumb by loveliness,
so infused with awe and
wonder at the generosity
of mockingbirds and doves,
pine trees and high cirrus
clouds catching the first
rays of sun that I struggle
to find words.  In the end
I give up and sit in silence,
cloaked in the glow of
morning, and the rebirth
of the world.

~Danna Faulds

This weekend, David and I, along with an amazing group of yogis, embark on a year-long training adventure. Our 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training gets underway and I am excited to see all the growth, learning and transformation that, no doubt will occur. And as excited as I am, I am also very aware that this is a sort of “rebirth of the world” for all of us involved.

Wait a sec! Rebirth sounds huge! Well, leading this Advanced Training is a pretty big deal in mine and David’s lives. And it is precisely the “bigness” of it that forces my attention to the places inside of me that want to know how it all will work out before it even begins. As you can imagine, that un-achievable desire produces a lot of tension and uneasiness. In fact, so much so, that several days ago, I found myself caught up in my “to do list” and lost in my “got to get it done already” mind. I was wearing my “just get through it” blinders and was missing this awesome life-moment.

Maybe because of my recently broken hand, maybe because of my meditation practice, or maybe because my discomfort just got uncomfortable enough, I paused – really paused. I realized I was busying myself through something important. In stepping back and opening up, I realized that only by relaxing into the unknown (even the discomfort) of this newness, could I appreciate the beauty and excitement of this “rebirth of my world.”

Entering into something new, allowing myself to not already know how it all will turn out, embracing the clean slate – this is my work. To let this adventure unfold as it will, to trust the process, and to move through it with compassion and dedication — this is my intention.

The beginning of this training is a demarcation in time for me. However, the truth of the matter is, every day, if we allow it to be, can be a “rebirth of our world” — a chance to release the need to know, to not resist the natural unfolding of things, and to embrace the only thing we can actually control – our intention about how we want to be while the unfolding is happening.

Wishing you a “rebirth” that frees you to be all you can be,



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