To those of you who may be trying to decide on whether or not you want to commit to the upcoming 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training with David and Augusta Kantra, this is what I have to say to you:

Purely and simply, it changed me and the way I look at just about everything. My reason for such a serious commitment was never about teaching yoga, although I do sub for Augusta occasionally and am very honored to do so. But chiefly, I knew that the yoga philosophy was something my teachers were very committed to themselves, and I felt it was a way of living and knowing that would help me make better, more skilled decisions in my own life.  They were the example that proved to me how valuable my investment in time and money would be. And they did not disappoint! Their way of teaching challenged me and my habits and asked me to grow in ways I knew would improve my enjoyment and love for life. Their way of teaching made me laugh.  It made me cry, and, made me get more honest with myself and about myself than I ever had before. It meant so much to me that soon after, I signed up for the 300 Hr. training too!

Lindsey Leftwich
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