When I was originally asked about participating in the 2014 Kantra-Gates Yoga Teacher Training my reaction was “that’s crazy – I don’t want to teach yoga”.  I also thought there was no way I had the time or resources to commit to an 8 month program.  But then I kept hearing comments like “it is transformational”, “it is life-training”, “you don’t have to want to teach yoga classes to be in the training.”  

Several people lovingly nudged me to sign up and it is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.  Augusta and David Kantra  are an exceptional team and they truly teach “yoga from the heart”.  I learned that being a yoga teacher is not limited to teaching poses.  It is about learning a different way to interact with myself and the world around me.  Learning skillful ways to approach my life  has had an inherently positive impact on those around me so I am essentially “teaching” after all!  Augusta and David are skillful and loving professionals who teach both the science and philosophy of yoga in an incredibly fun environment that fosters lasting friendships.  The 200 hr training with them started me on a personal journey that I will be forever grateful for.

Stacy Reckeweg
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