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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

Allow your mind to quiet just a bit. It has been spiraling inward, obsessing on small details of future events. Stuck in an endless loop of worry, it chews on its own tail. Take a moment with your eyes closed and try this experiment.

 Invite the spiral to turn upward. Imagine the mind opening to receive the wisdom of the universe, innate goodness, the energy to remember that only this moment has potency. What is past or yet to come cannot be directly experienced, but his moment can.

Be as intimate with your next breath as you wish to be with truth. Experience every nuance of being alive in this body, at this time, with these thoughts, emotions, fears, and doubts. Be here and nowhere else, and trust that you don’t need to worry in order for events to play out as they will. You don’t need to stay tense to function well. In fact, exactly the reverse is true.

Let go of grasping, and in that momentary relaxation, creativity comes alive and problems you can never solve with mind become clear through intuition and the vast intelligence of truth.

~ Danna Faulds

 Be here and nowhere else. Allow the magic that is this moment to swallow you whole.

Wishing you the permission to pause, release, and take exquisite care of your soul,



Augusta Kantra

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