Tie up Your Camel

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 Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

Trust in God, but tie up your camel. ~Arab proverb

It’s important to trust a power greater than yourself (regardless of what name you give it), to have faith in the process, to feel that the universe is a loving place — but none of these things release us from the task of taking responsibility for our own lives.

 Taking responsibility for our lives means choosing our words, actions, and thoughts wisely. It means cultivating the practice of consciously deciding what is most skillful in a given situation. Taking responsibility requires responding rather than reacting.

 Reactivity means “re-acting” or “acting again.” When we react to something, our actions are being determined by whatever it is we are reacting to, not by conscious choice! The greatest tool we can use is our ability to choose. And we can only truly make conscious choices when we are not in a reactive or defensive state.

Taking responsibility for our lives – our choices, means we move out of the throes of karmic re-activity into the power of “response-ability.”

 Cultivating the ability to respond skillfully allows us to feel empowered yet keeps us pliable and compassionate. It gives us the security of being able to trust ourselves – even in difficult situations. We feel the stability of being able to come back to center prior to spouting off, blurting out, or pressing the proverbial send button. And, if/when we do make a mistake; we’re more willing to take response-ability for that as well.

 So YES, trust the process, trust that there is something greater than you, trust in providence!  But at the same time, be “response-able” for what truly matters to you. Do the work that is yours to do.  Tie up your camel.

Wishing you easy going camels and sturdy rope,



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