Tugboats and Heart Tugs

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share… 

“We are too busy listening to our thoughts that we don’t hear the wonderful sounds surrounding us…” ~Alina Radoi

Early in the morning, sitting with a cup of coffee and my pup, the house is quiet and the day is not yet awake. I hear a low, long-held horn in the distance. It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard this sound. I wait. There it is again. Familiar and strange at the same time. It’s a tugboat horn. I don’t really know “how” I know the sound of a tugboat, but I think I’ve known that sound longer than I’ve been alive.

It’s only when the wind is just right and the noise interference is nil that that low sound of ‘power moving something that can’t move by itself’ can be heard from where I live. Sometimes, I forget about the ship channel way out in the bay and the coming and going of the barges. Not today. I’m reminded; reminded by a sound that feels evocatively familiar, and yet interestingly new and inviting.

“Visited” by the sound, I smile. I am grateful for the connection I feel with the sound. I feel blessed that I was sitting quietly enough to hear it, and that the factors that had to align for that to happen, did. Almost immediately, I am struck by how akin this experience is to meditation. As I sit in meditation, get still, let go of all the “busy mind” things, I hear my heart’s calling. I hear what’s always there but often drowned out by the noise of my thoughts and habits. I often feel “visited” by my heart’s stirrings, and I always feel grateful for the practice that allows me to connect with that sound.

Wishing you lovely reminders of what’s always there,



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