Wait Turns Into Wonder

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

before the dawn
the possibility of dawn –
all night holding that
~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

We spend a lot of time waiting. We sometimes wait patiently, but, more often than not, we resent waiting, we dislike it, we deem it a waste. In truth, aren’t we more often in transition than any other place?

A cardinal just flew to a branch near where I’m sitting on my porch. His bright red is striking. He waits there. He flicks his tail and chirps his notes and waits. He will fly soon. I wait.

My pup is hanging out with me. He waits for me to reach down to pet him or go inside. He waits.

My husband is cooking on the grill. He lights the charcoals, then waits. I’ve prepared veggies to roast. It’s not time yet. I wait.

I text my daughter to find out how her cake turned out. I wait. She texts back and says it’s in the oven. She waits.

Tomorrow, I’ll teach a yoga class. Before I start, I’ll wait. At the end of class, when the students are in the savasana, the final pose, they’ll wait. I’ll wait.

Endings come, then beginnings come, then endings… we wait.

Maybe waiting is just “being with what is.” Maybe it’s only “waiting” because we make it personal – “I” am waiting – rather than “oh, now this is happening.”

If, as the poem says, before dawn, we always hold the possibility of dawn (or the promise that we can be renewed in any moment), our wait can soften into wonder. When we experience wonder, we rest back into the deep trust that we are part of something bigger than the small self can see. And when we do that, we can open to the wonder of it all.

We wait, yes, but we can also learn to live into the experience of that “wait” rather than try to mindlessly ‘wait out’ the wait. We can learn to lean into it and sense the wonder in being able to witness things arise, stay awhile, then pass away.

Sitting on the porch on this beautiful afternoon, that sounds easy. Just wait, this too will pass, and I’ll be wrestling with waiting once again.

Wishing you moments of wonder while you wait,



Augusta Kantra

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  • Debbie Odess

    I have changed my perspective on waiting over the last several years. I have decided that it is a pause to reflect on something or to just take a deep breath to continue , maybe it is even keeping me out of harms way. It has been a process to lean towards calm instead of impatience and it doesn’t always work but I’m much better at it than I used to be.


  • Sasi Wilkins

    Wait is not just waiting because when you wait for your turn to talk then you may catch yourself of what you about to say may not be appropriate for the moment or to that person. While you wait in the car and ready to honk the horn or hit accelerator to pass the slow car that may get you to slam the break or cause accident that you will regret. Same thing in life if you just look at it as you wait for spring to come, flowers to open their bloom. It will make you excited and appreciate everything that come during the wait.
    Live, love and waiting to live and love again and again

  • Elisabeth Harbaugh

    Even though it isn’t easy, I’m used to waiting for things that are going to happen and I can’t wait for them to happen like going to the beach on a given weekend. And I’m used to waiting to see if something I know I want actually comes out the way I want it to like when I was a kid and wanted something for my birthday or Christmas. But waiting for something, knowing that there is going to be change no matter how things play out (which I’m not in total control of) yet not being really sure of what I want to happen is different and new territory for me and I don’t quite know how to describe it.

    • Augusta Kantra

      Elisabeth, new territory is scary for most of us, and not knowing what you want is a bit unsettling as well. Maybe, the not knowing will turn out to be a gift. You won’t get your mind set on how you want things to be and you’ll be open to what happens next. Wishing you peace as you travel new lands!
      Love and Namaste

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