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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

“I’m Not Saying We Shouldn’t Be Angry” ~by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be angry.

Anger seems reasonable. But perhaps

we will do what I’ve heard the Inuit do—

spend the emotion on walking, walk a line

until all the anger has left our bodies.

The moment the Inuit notice the anger is gone,

replaced, perhaps, by sadness or fear,

compassion or just a quietness,

they mark that spot with an object

to show the extent of their anger.

And perhaps, if we’re lucky, when we walk

this way, it will be a long enough walk

that we arrive at each other’s doors,

object in hand, and when the object

leaves our grip, we’ll be able to use our hands

to greet each other, touch each other’s faces,

point to the horizon to all the other places

we might choose to walk now together. 

…to walk now — together. How beautiful!

How marvelous to remember we can let our emotions run their course without having to bow to them and act as their faithful servants. We can pause, we can move, we can broaden our perspective — we can learn to open up and connect again.

After all, it is our sense of separation (from each other, the Universe, our values, our own true essence, the larger perspective, something bigger than ourselves) that causes the constriction in the first place.

When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings and yet remain steadfast to the intention to act from a centered, balanced place, we meet the world with kindness. And truly, what more is there to do?

Wishing you a long enough walk alone to desire to walk together,



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