Augusta Kantra's New Book:
Wisdom Seeds

Augusta Kantra, author of "Wisdom Seeds"Wisdom Seeds is a collection of pieces written as “thoughts to share” over many years. Grouped by seasons rather than in chronological order, they are meant to inspire, challenge old ways of seeing and thinking, insert a bit of space, create a pause, added some humor and remind you of what you already know in your wise heart. Wisdom Seeds speaks to all the crazy, ordinary, extraordinary, mundane and miraculous lessons that life offers. Ultimately, we are all more alike than we are different, and Wisdom Seeds is about the mysterious, ever-unfolding, amazing journey of being human that we all share.

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Read what other authors have said about Wisdom Seeds:

“Imagine a trusted friend offering you new ways to approach old difficulties and a different perspective with which to see your world. This is what therapist Augusta Kantra has done with Wisdom Seeds. Begun as learnings she wanted to share with her yoga students, Augusta’s bite-sized gems of insight include lessons harvested from her own life along with inspirational quotes, poems, and teaching stories.
This isn’t a book to be read straight through in a few sittings. It’s a volume to savor and appreciate one entry at a time — before meditating, at the conclusion of a yoga session, while sipping a cup of tea, or last thing in bed at night. Each entry ends with Augusta’s wish for her readers, every page infused with her enthusiasm and love for the reader to receive like a blessing, a seed placed gently in the heart center. I’m grateful Augusta took the time to write down the lessons gleaned from her full and generous life. I can already feel her words taking root and flowering inside me.”
Danna Faulds, author of Go In and In and six other books of poetry along with the memoir, Into the Heart of Yoga

“Augusta Kantra has written a series of essays that invite us to meet and hold life with courage, compassion, and wisdom. Her story, woven throughout these essays beautifully illustrates what happens when you bring your spiritual practice into your everyday life. Wisdom Seeds is the sort of book you can pick up at any point in the day to reconnect to the moment, your purpose, your heart.”
Rolf Gates, author of Meditations from the Mat

“Everyone needs an Augusta in their lives – someone willing to be both vulnerable and fierce with us. Someone who cheers for us, even while delivering a hard kick in the butt. Someone who pulls out the pulls out the perfect quote or story to help us meet ourself in the moment when we’ve gotten lost. Someone who asks us difficult questions and then is patient as we learn in with our answers, with our own questions.
This book is easy to read, short essays filled with humor and sincerity, but sometimes it provides a challenging mirror. Your could read Wisdom Seeds from front to back as I did, or pick it up and open it like an oracle, trusting that wherever your eyes land the message you need will be there.”
Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of Naked for Tea and hush (winner of the Halcyon Prize)

To purchase your copy of Wisdom Seeds on Amazon, please visit here.

In Fairhope, Alabama, copies can be purchased at Page and Palette Bookstore and at The Fairhope Store. Also, if you are nearby, you can stop by the Studio. Augusta has copies there.

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