Without Asking How

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Here’s a thought I’d like to share…

Just for now, without

asking how, let yourself

sink into stillness.  Just

for now, lay down the

eight you so patiently

bear upon your shoulders.

Feel the earth receive

you, and the infinite

expanse of sky grow even

wider as your awareness

reaches up to meet it.

~ Danna Faulds

The words “Just for now, without asking how” are like a balm for my heart and mind. There’s so much permission to not already know how, and not to have to worry about for how long — just for now. The whole poem is such an invitation to stop for a moment and open up. There’s an inferred trust in our inherent ability to pause and simply be present. For me, that’s reassuring.

We can get so caught up in wanting to know HOW to do something, or WHY something is the way it is, that we totally lose contact with the present moment. Our egos want definitive answers, conclusions, closure. But we can’t always have that because there are some situations, or feelings, that just can’t be completely figured out or fixed – and that’s just hard.

Creating the space in our hearts and minds to be able to hold uncertainty, unsolved issues, and/or unclear circumstances, gives us the ability to pause without knee-jerk reactions, make choices that serve us well, and stay connected to our authentic selves. And doing that creates a life lived on purpose!

So, just for now, without asking how, allow yourself to sink into stillness…

Wishing you the permission to just BE, even when it’s hard,



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